Workshop Design 101

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Join Kaja Sadowski as they walk you through a straightforward, actionable, model for designing fun and effective martial arts workshops. It's suitable for martial arts instructors (and future instructors) of all experience levels who are intending to teach workshops at events or as guest instructors at another martial arts school.

You'll learn how to make sure your students get the most out of their limited time with you, how to set and meet reasonable learning goals, how to marry fun with pedagogical effectiveness, and how to troubleshoot common teaching challenges. There will be a 30-minute Q&A portion at the end of the session tailored towards addressing your biggest fears and questions. All are welcome, and no prior teaching or event experience is necessary.

Kaja Sadowski (they/them) is a lead instructor at Valkyrie WMAA and one of the founders of Big Gay Sword Year. They have been playing with swords since 2010, and have taught workshops at over a dozen events on two continents alongside running a martial arts school. They're a big ol' nerd who loves making weapons go clang and sharing their love of movement and fighting with everyone they meet — and especially making it accessible to marginalized people.