The Lab (In-Person Class)

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Start your weekend off right with Jordan Both and Justin Ring. This class is a fun, playful, exploration of the intersection between Western martial arts (including boxing, wrestling, and swordplay), the internal practice of Bagua, and the Filipino swordplay of Visayan Style Corto Kadena Larga Mano Escrima.

Each two-hour class includes a 10-15 minute break at the midpoint. Class structure is tailored to the current topic of study, and the needs and interests of its participants. The format is similar to a guided study group, rather than a formally-structured instructional course.

Students of all abilities, levels of fitness, and experience levels are welcome.

This is an in-person class that meets at Tillicum Annex (2450 Cambridge St) in Vancouver. Please note that this location does not have changerooms, and the nearest available bathroom is ~5mins away and requires entering a private home.

Participants will need a rapier or other appropriate training weapon. Loaner equipment is available. All students must follow our COVID-19 safety protocol