Summer Visayan Style Corto Kadena Study Group

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This is a study group dedicated to preserving and spreading the teachings of Sonny Umpad (1948-2006), and his art form, the Visayan Style Corto Kadena Eskrima (VSCK). It is facilitated by Jon Mills, who has been training with VSCK lineage holder and Sonny's private student Maija Solderholm since 2015. 

VSCK is a Filipino martial art developed by Sonny Umpad. It is characterized by fluid movements, timing, elusiveness and explosive power. It centres on the short sword (Pinuti), but also includes walking sticks, knife, unarmed, and sickle, and its practices are broad and applicable to all weapons. 

Classes consist of a warm up, movement drills, games, and play. Our emphasis is on learning and then developing the art's core movement: the pendulum step. We will use it to build smooth movement, timing, range, and improvisation. This practice will also give students the tools to practice the art solo when they can't find a partner to flow with :)

Students of all levels and physical abilities are welcome, and this group will offer something for all practitioners regardless of experience. New students are always welcome. This is a peer led study group, and students will be able to submit videos of our practice to Maija Soderholm for feedback.  

Students will need: comfortable clothing that allows free movement, water bottle, comfortable light footwear. We practice outside so you may want sunscreen as well. All weapons will be provided. 

About the facilitator: 

Jon (They/them) is a lifelong martial artist who has been training in VSCK since 2015 and incorporating Sonny's art into their martial arts practice ever since first encountering it and being blown away. They are passionate about spreading Sonny's art, and the work of his lineage holders, to the Vancouver community. They also want to bring teachers to Vancouver to teach the art, and to create a place for practitioners who have trained elsewhere to come together and practice. This study group will be a core part of that.