Drive him, crowd him, and constrain him: A look at closing, grappling, and wrestling at the sword

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Want to close in and smack your opponents in the face with a solid pommel strike? This 90 minute class will include a look at wrestling in the Lichtenauer tradition, how to close on your foe, and how to wrestle at the sword.

The class is open to students of all backgrounds and ability levels. In order to participate, you'll need a phone or computer with an internet connection and access to Zoom, and a sword-like object (training sword, dowel or stick, wooden spoon, broom or mop handle, or any other item that you can comfortably hold in both hands).

Clara Smith-Elliott began training with the longsword in 2017 at Laurel City Historical Fencing while living in Connecticut. After returning home to Richmond, VA she continued her training with the longsword, sword and buckler, and other weapons as well. When she realized that there was a lack of inclusive HEMA clubs in Richmond, she founded River City Historical Fencing. She enjoys traveling the country competing in tournaments and attending workshops. Clara is currently serving as a member of the HEMA Alliance Board of Directors. Outside of HEMA, Clara is a professional risk manager who enjoys role playing games, shooting sports, and watching really, really bad horror movies.