Close-Quarters Combat (In-Person Class)

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Join Justin Ring for his signature high-energy, technical approach to close-range fighting with empty hands, knives, and short sticks.

Each two-hour class will begin with a simple warmup, and then focus primarily on drilling, exploratory play, and sparring. There will be a short break at the mid-point, and students can choose to participate in both halves, or just one, as their energy levels and schedule allow.

Students of all abilities, levels of fitness, and experience levels are welcome.

This is an in-person class that meets at Grays Park (4850 St Catherines St) in Vancouver.

Participants may bring their own MMA gloves, mouthguards, and/or plastic training knives, if they have them. Loaner equipment is available and you won't need your own gear at first. All students must follow our COVID-19 safety protocol