Pricing & Reopening Guide

Because of the high risk associated with training indoors, we’re taking it slow and choosing to move forward with a “new normal” that prioritizes the safety of our students and coaches and continues to grow the online community that we’ve developed over these past four months.

New Rules For Using the Space

We’ve put together a COVID-19 Safety Plan, per WorkSafeBC’s directions, that governs how we’ll be using the space during the outbreak.

Please review it in its entirety here:

As of today, July 6th, 2020, we will be using the space again for the following purposes only:

  • private lessons (1-on-1, with appropriate physical distance and/or mask use)
  • semi-private lessons (up to 3 students who already share a contact bubble plus 1 coach, with appropriate physical distance and/or mask use)
  • broadcasting of online group lessons by 1 coach and up to 2 assistants/students

If you’d like to join us for in-person training, here’s how it works.

  1. Read the Valkyrie WMAA COVID-19 Safety Plan in full.
  2. Fill out our new In-Person Training Pre-Screening Form.
  3. Contact us with your availability to start booking lessons!

We will not be making any exceptions to this process.

What About Group Classes?

We are still online six days per week! Join us for all of our regular group programming via Zoom.

We will also be adding workshops with both Valkyrie coaches and guest instructors in the coming months.

New Pricing

In-person group classes are still a ways off, and our pass pricing model was based on those being the primary way that students interact with our space. We’re shifting to a new pricing model that better fits how we’re doing things now. It also expands sliding scale pricing to every stage of our operation in order to make training with us more financially accessible.

Online Group Classes

Unlimited Online Class Pass

  • Accessible: $80/month + GST
  • Standard: $100/month + GST
  • Generous: $120/month + GST

Online Class Drop-In

  • Free: $0/class
  • Accessible: $10/class + GST
  • Standard: $15/class + GST
  • Generous: $20/class + GST

In-Person Lessons

Private Lessons (1 student, 1 coach, 1 hour)

  • Accessible: $30/lesson + GST
  • Standard: $50/lesson + GST
  • Generous: $70/lesson + GST

Semi-Private Lessons (2-3 students, 1 coach, 1 hour)

  • Accessible: $20/student/lesson + GST
  • Standard: $30/student/lesson + GST
  • Generous: $40/student/lesson + GST

Students who are currently on our Unlimited Classes pass will be automatically transferred to the Unlimited Online Class pass before their next monthly payment. Look out for an email in the coming days confirming your preferred rate.

We are very much looking forward to seeing students back in the space, and to continuing to work with all of you online! Thank you so much for your patience as we’ve been working out the best path forward.