Private Coaching

You don’t need to be a world-class competitor to get world-class training. We offer private and semi-private sessions with our coaching team to clients of all levels, backgrounds, and needs at the following sliding scale rates:

  • Private Lessons
    • Accessible: $30/hour + GST
    • Standard: $50/hour + GST
    • Generous: $70/hour + GST
  • Semi-Private Lessons (2-3 students)
    • Accessible: $20/student/hour + GST
    • Standard: $30/student/hour + GST
    • Generous: $40/student/hour + GST
Not sure if personal coaching is right for you? Our students have successfully used private lessons to:
  • get introduced to our beginner material 
  • catch up on missed classes after an illness or absence
  • rehabilitate after an injury
  • work through a body mechanics issue
  • build and maintain a personal workout routine
  • push through a training plateau
  • prepare for an upcoming competition
  • explore a new weapon or fighting style
  • stay on track with training while on parental leave

Ready to get started? Contact us to book your first lesson today!

During the COVID-19 outbreak in Vancouver, we have instituted additional student screening protocols and a COVID-19 Safety Plan. We are also happy to offer our private and semi-private lessons online instead of in-person. For details on our updated safety protocols and signup instructions, please see our reopening guide.