Class Locations

All of our in-person classes are held outdoors across three transit-accessible locations in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Douglas Park

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Home to Sparkle School: Messers, Daggers, and Friends, Summer Visayan Style Korto Kadena Study Group

Meet beside the parking lot, on the main path just under the trees by the fence. Look for the rainbow flag and the goofballs with swords!

Bathroom facilities are available inside Douglas Park Community Centre. Please note that this is an open-air location, and that classes may occasionally be cancelled on account of weather. All registered students will be notified via email by 2pm on the day of class if this is the case.

Grays Park

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Home to Close-Quarters Combat

Meet at the north end of the field, next to McBride Annex.

There are public bathrooms in the centre west of the park, near the parking lot. If it is raining, class will be moved to the covered area of McBride Annex, just west of the usual meeting spot.

Tillicum Annex

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Home to The Lab

Meet at the back (south side) of the school, in the covered area near the parking lot.

There are no public bathrooms available at this location. In an emergency, you can access a private home nearby (about 5 minutes away) with the aid of an instructor. This area is fully covered and well-lit at night, and is available in all weather.