Sword In Two Hands (Hybrid Class)

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Join Kaja Sadowski for an exploration of swordwork in two hands. We are currently working with the longsword or greatsword, drawing on the historical work of Achille Marozzo (1536).

Each two-hour class begins with a mobility-oriented warmup and a scalable workout, includes about an hour of sword work (combining solo movement drills, textual interpretation, and group/partnered work), and wraps up with a cooldown that keeps our most-used joints relaxed and mobile.

Students of all abilities, levels of fitness, and experience levels are welcome. If you are new to working with the sword in two hands, please contact Kaja before your first class to arrange an introductory session.

This class is taught in a hybrid format that allows students to attend online (via Zoom) or in person. In-person classes are held in the south undercover area of Tillicum Annex (2450 Cambridge St) in Vancouver. Please note that this location does not have changerooms, and the nearest available bathroom is ~5mins away and requires entering a private home.

To participate from home, you'll need a two-handed sword or sword-like object (e.g. a broom handle, indoor longsword trainer, or yardstick); a book or other flattish object that weighs 1-3lbs; enough space to move freely with your training tools; and a computer, phone, or tablet that can run Zoom.

To participate in person, you'll need a two-handed sword, fencing mask, and gorget. Loaner equipment is available. In-person students must also follow our COVID-19 safety protocol.