Sparkle School: Messers, Daggers, and Friends (Online Class)

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Join Jon Mills and Claire Wemyss for a a pun-filled mindful exploration of martial movement, with plenty of opportunity to geek out. Sparkle School's main area of study is the historical German martial arts of messer, dagger, and grappling.

Each 1.5 hour class follows the same structure. We open with a warm up and check in, followed by a section on unarmed and dagger solo movements, a section on historical sword play (emphasis on play!), and a closing section where we work through and discuss a historical fencing manual.

Students of all abilities, levels of fitness, and experience levels are welcome. Jon and Claire are committed to making classes accessible to everyone, and will give students an opportunity to ask for modifications so they can practice in a way that is safe for their body.

This is an online class taught via Zoom.

To participate, you'll need a single-handed sword or sword-like object (e.g. a stick or boffer); a dagger trainer or dagger-like object (e.g. a shorter stick or training knife); enough space to move freely with your training tools; and a computer, phone, or tablet that can run Zoom.