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Get a free 30-minute consultation with Kaja Sadowski. You'll be able to discuss your goals, interests, and past experience, and get to know Kaja a little bit before committing to training. If you both decide you'd like to continue working together, they'll help you book your first lesson!

Kaja's focus is on building physical autonomy and adaptability, sharing the joy of skillful movement, and encouraging self-knowledge and creative problem-solving in fighters. They are happy to teach students of all experience levels and backgrounds, and are expecially comfortable working with beginners (including folks who are new to movement altogether), queer and trans folks, people with neurodivergent brains and with learning difficulties, and anyone who has felt unwelcome or marginalized in martial arts spaces.

They offer lessons in unarmed striking, weapon arts (including sword in one hand, sword in two hands, sword and buckler, knife/dagger, and stick fighting), and self defense. They are also happy to include strength and conditioning in their lessons.

You can read more about Kaja's training background and experience in their coach bio