If you plan to attend two classes per week or more, a monthly membership is probably your best bet! It's designed to be cost-effective for students who want to come and play more than once a week and renews automatically so that you can easily manage your finances.

Memberships are also the best way to support our school on an ongoing basis. They guarantee predictable cashflow from month to month and help to subsidize our free and low-cost classes so that we can continue serving marginalized and low-income students.

 Just like our classes, memberships are priced on a sliding scale. Please pay whatever rate you are most comfortable with! Your membership will let you attend as many classes as you'd like at the free "membership" rate. You can also pause your membership if you'll be away for a bit, or adjust the rate you're paying if your finances change.

Sign up today to get the most out of your training, support your local queer martial arts school, and stay as flexible as you need!