What's going on around here?

Swords! Punching! Falling over! Crawling around the floor in interesting and not very efficient ways! Picking up heavy things! Amazing workout gear! And lately... sticks, pots, pans, brooms, looms, lots of imagination, reading, talking,  and trying not to break the living room lamps.

Valkyrie WMAA is a historically-bent martial arts school based in Vancouver, BC, and broadcasting into living rooms and backyards around the world! We are swordfighters, unarmed fighters, wrestlers, and lovers of all kinds of movement. We welcome students of all experience levels, backgrounds, genders, identities, and body shapes. Come play with us!

Meet the Valkyries!

Our team of coaches comes from a range of backgrounds, from Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and traditional Asian martial arts; to extreme sports, personal coaching, nutrition, and fitness.

We are dedicated to helping you find joy in using your body, and to challenging you in ways that let you grow into your true strength.

Read on to meet our team, and find the coach who's right for you!

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