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Swords! Knives! Sticks! Playtime for adults that builds physical literacy, strength, mobility, and skill, all while being fun as heck!

Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly is a collective of martial arts and movement coaches based in Vancouver, BC, and broadcasting into living rooms and backyards around the world. Each of us has a different training focus, but we all share a deep love of historical swordplay and a solid understanding of what makes learning accessible, fun, and effective. We teach group classes both online and in person, offer private instruction, and host regular workshops and special events.

We welcome students of all experience levels, backgrounds, genders, identities, and body shapes. Come play with us!

Come play with us!

Meet the Valkyries!

Our coaches come from a range of backgrounds, from Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and traditional Asian martial arts; to extreme sports, personal coaching, nutrition, and fitness.

We are dedicated to helping you find joy in using your body, and to challenging you in ways that let you grow into your true strength.

Click here to meet our team, and to find the coach who's right for you!

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